Adult Vine Weevil Trap

A way of controlling ADULT vine weevils with Nematodes

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Each Vine Weevil trap consists of a specially designed wooden board, that has 3 grooves in it, which are filled with a gel containing 2.5 million nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae), which attracts the adults.

The boards are placed face down directly onto the ground beneath your plants. The adult beetles will crawl into the grooves looking for a sheltered spot to hide in during the day. The nematodes in the gel will then infect the adult beetles and safely kill them without harming anything else - these traps are safe for children, pets and wildlife.

They are ideal for protecting hedges, patio gardens, raised beds or amongst your most vulnerable or valuable plants. Position Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Traps in the summer when adult vine weevils are at their most active.

Positioning our Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Traps in the summer (June - Sept) will reduce the number of adults, which will help to reduce the population of vine weevil in your garden and stop the damage to your plants.

Each Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Trap will control adult beetles in a 10 sqm area or 4m of hedging and each trap is effective for approx 6 weeks.

This product is available for use in the summer between June and September.

About Vine Weevils:

As well as taking unsightly crescent-shaped notches out of leaves, adult vine weevils will attack more plants around your garden. Control adult vine weevils by placing these Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Traps under your plants.

Vine weevil adults appear in the late spring and will be active throughout the summer. They are nocturnal and feed by taking notches out of the edges of the leaf. During the day they hide away, so you may never actually see them and then during the night they lay eggs around the garden - up to 1500 eggs each!

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