Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes - (12 sq.m) Spring / Summer Application

Standard Pack to treat 12 sqm.

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Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is the simple solution to kill vine weevil.

This standard pack of Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes will treat up to 12 sqm.


What is Vine Weevil Killer?

Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer contains the natural nematode, Steinernema Kraussei, which is effective at controlling vine weevil grubs, but is totally safe for children, pets and wildlife and can be used on edible crops too! It comes as a powder simply mix with water and apply like a liquid feed to the soil around the roots.


How does Vine Weevil Killer Work?

The Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer nematodes (Steinernema kraussei), seek out the vine weevil larvae and attack the pest by entering natural body openings. Once inside, they release bacteria that causes blood poisoning stopping the larvae from feeding, quickly killing it. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry infective nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey.

To keep a minor problem at bay, one autumn treatment should be adequate. However, for a serious infestation, treat in the spring and again in the autumn. When treating pots take care that soil is not left to dry out. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer will kill larvae present in the area and protect against further larvae damage for up to four weeks. 


When to apply Vine Weevil Killer outdoors:

Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes Treatment Period

Apply to pots and open ground March to May and August to November. This is when the vine weevil larvae are present and the soil is above 5ºC (40ºF). If applying under cover the pests life cycle is broken and Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer can be applied at any time, as long as the soil is above 5ºC (40ºF). Apply directly to the soil around the roots which is where the larvae will be feeding.

Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer is a perishable, living product, so it must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be around 2-3 weeks) and should be stored in the fridge until it is needed.


What if I want to use Vine Weevil Killer in my greenhouse?

If you want to apply nematodes to your greenhouse when the outdoor soil temperature is <5ºC (40ºF) please see our underglass/indoor usage category - all nematodes featured in this section are sent 365 days a year.


Can't see an answer to your question? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Very good service - packet arrived promptly after ordering and was kept in fridge for a few days. Have now applied, as per clear instructions, to a variety of potted plants and shrubs in our courtyard - hydrangeas, rhododendrons, clematis, hostas, pieris etc. One packet not enough so will be ordering a second lot - but we do have a lot of pots of very variable size! Now we wait to see how effective they will be! Too soon to assign a sensible score - hence in middle of the range.