Copper Slug Bands - Delux 10 x 17cm

Ideal for use as a traditional barrier protection method

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£44.99 (VAT incl.)
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These Copper Bands repel slugs and snails in the same way as the copper rings, because of a reaction between their mucus and the copper.

When the slugs and snails come into contact with the ring they are repelled and will crawl away.

Slug Bands have all the advantages of copper rings, but as they are made from much thinner copper, it means they can easily be clipped together to make much larger rings around your plants.

They are more flexible, so can be bent into various shapes - ideal for awkward situations.

Our Copper Slug Bands will last for years and are safe to you, your children, pets and wildlife.

Size: Large Copper Bands make rings 7"/17cm in diameter and can be clipped together for large plants. (We can also supply smaller 4"/10cm bands)

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Oh yes - these are amazing! We struggle to control slugs in our garden - we do use nematodes regularly but the amount of stone means the little devils are able to hide! Tried out the copper bands and the difference is amazing - we have plants growing which had previously been eaten over and over again. They are versatile enough to fit round any plant size by joining more than one together and the price from Nematodes Direct is very competitive.