Adult Chafer Beetle Trap including Lure

This Adult Chafer Beetle Trap uses a powerful pheromone to attract and trap adult Chafer Beetles BEFORE they lay their eggs.

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£26.99 (VAT incl.)

The Garden Chafer Beetle emerges in May/June from the lawn to mate before laying eggs in the lawn from where it has just emerged.

These eggs hatch to produced chafer grubs, so by trapping the adults with a Adult Chafer Beetle Trap BEFORE they lay their eggs, you can greatly reduce the number of chafer grubs attacking the lawn.

The eggs are often laid in the same place each year, so the problem gets progressively worse. The Chafer Grubs feed on grass roots from July until late Autumn before burrowing deep into the ground to pupate. They are a source of food for large birds-crows and woodpeckers as well as foxes and badgers.

These may do more harm to your lawn by ripping it up to get at the grubs. The Chafer Grubs then lay dormant during the winter deep in the ground before moving to the surface the following spring to emerge as beetles in May / June and starting the process again.

Position a Adult Chafer Beetle Trap from mid-May onwards, to catch the adult beetles as they emerge.

Each trap is supplied with enough pheromone lure for an entire season - this pheromone lure attracts the adult beetles, which fly into the top before dropping into the funnel trap below.

The trap should be placed 50-100cm above the lawn in mid May (until the end of June) and each trap will protect up to 2000 sqm of lawn.

Place the attractant into the top of the trap (the first years attractant is included) and hang it from a garden cane in the middle of the lawn.

The trap will protect your lawn from small numbers of chafer beetles (catching them BEFORE they have chance to lay their eggs in the lawn), but if large numbers are caught, then treat with Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer in August/Sept when the eggs hatch and the grubs start attacking the lawn.

Each trap comes complete with 1 seasons worth of lure (lasts 6 weeks).

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