Nemasys Caterpillar, Box Moth, Codling Moth & Gooseberry Sawfly - May Despatch - 3 Packs

A unique organic solution to control Caterpillars, Box Moth, Codling Moth and Gooseberry Sawfly.

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Nemasys Caterpillar and Codling Moth Killer is the simple solution to control Caterpillars & Gooseberry Sawfly.

Order our Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection programme and we will send 3 packs of Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection.

What is Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection?

Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection is a unique mix of different nematode species to target a broad range of pests. Especially for the home gardener, it has been specifically researched to combat carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leatherjackets, cutworms, onion fly, ants, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, and codling moth.

Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection is safe on food crops and suitable for use on organic crops. It will not harm pets, children, wildlife or bees.

Nemasys® Fruit and Veg Protection is a living product, so it must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be approx 3 weeks). It is delivered by 1st class post and should be stored in the fridge as soon as possible.


When to apply Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection:

Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection Application Period


How do apply Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection?

Apply Nemasys® Fruit & Veg Protection to the soil with a watering can / hose end feeder to control soil based insect pests (soil temp of 12c required) OR apply with a sprayer to control caterpillars and thrip and continue to apply while the pests are active. A full guide can be found here and further details about the pests and application notes can be found below.

How it works:

Simply apply the Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection 3 times at 7 day intervals. (Each pack will treat up to 60 sqm of plants.)

Mix the first sachet of nematodes with water and apply with a sprayer directly to the affected plants making sure the nematodes come into contact with the Caterpillars, Codling Moth or Gooseberry Sawfly. (The nematodes enter the pest and kill them.)

The whole process is repeated 7 day later using the 2nd fresh pack of nematodes and again 7 days later using the last pack of nematodes.

Beneficial nematodes are living organisms, so they must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be around 3 weeks) and should be stored in the fridge until it is applied.

To control Caterpillars:

Young caterpillars "graze" on the underside of leaves, but as they grow they cause more and more damage to leaves, flowers, growing tips and fruit. Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection is effective at controlling a wide range of caterpillars, but is harmless to children, pets and other wildlife and can be used on food crops up to harvest time. As Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection is a cure rather than a preventative measure, apply the nematodes when the caterpillars are 1st spotted (normally August / September) and re-apply as necessary to keep caterpillars at bay.

Apply as soon as the pest is first seen applying to all leaf surfaces where the caterpillars are present. Make sure to spray the pest itself with solution as caterpillars not directly sprayed will not be controlled

To control Gooseberry Sawfly:

Gooseberry Sawfly is a devastating pest of - yes! gooseberry bushes. The sawfly caterpillar attacks the leaves in late spring and can quickly strip them -often just leaving the mid rib intact. Damage usually starts in late spring and can continue until mid summer as successive generations attack the leaves. Control Gooseberry Sawfly by spraying with Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection when the sawfly caterpillars are 1st spotted - normally mid May.

For more infomation please see our fact sheet.

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