How quick is the British Snail?

How quick is the British Snail?

For the first time Scientists at Exeter University have been studying the British Snail's behavioral patterns and the answer is:

"1 metre per hour, according to Dr Dave Hodgson and his team at Exeter University,  who claims that they can cover a typical garden in just one night."

The study which was initially intended to discover how the Lungworm, an infectious parasitic worm was spread by slugs and snails. Lungworm which is typically spread by the consumption of Snails and/or dog poop, can be fatal in dogs, and owners are encouraged to be aware of the risks associated with the parasite.

Speedy Snails travel at 1 metre per hour

FACT: Snails often follow each others slime trails to piggy-back on the slime trails of other snails!  

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Posted on 09/06/2016