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Chafer Grubs, their lifecycle and when to treat them with nematodes

Posted on6 Years ago

Chafer grubs are creamy coloured, about 15mm (0.6”) in length with distinct legs (unlike vine weevils). Chafer beetles emerge from lawns and lay eggs, which hatch into grubs feeding. They burrow deeper for winter and lie dormant before surfacing in spring to emerge as beetles.

Chafer Grubs in Lawn and Adult Chafer Beetle

Both leatherjackets and chafer grubs attack grass roots resulting in slow growth and yellow patches. Grass is easily pulled up, with little or no root.

Badger Damage To Lawn and Chafer Grubs

Wildlife, such as foxes and badgers, can create damage by digging to search for grubs, as do rooks, magpies, crows and woodpeckers - a good sign of an infestation. Dig up a piece of turf and inspect it for pests.

Chafer Grub Lifecycle

Chafer Grub Treatment



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